The End of an Era?

2013 March 24
by SJ Leeds

First, I want to point out a 90-second piece that I did with Kris Maxwell.  It’s about “too big to fail”.  Here’s the link.  Obviously, the creative work is all Kris – and I think it’s really impressive.


Now, on to my news.  After approximately 5.5 years of writing (first an email service and then this blog), I’m going to hang it up for a while.  Yes, I’m breaking up with you.  But, it’s nothing you did.  It’s me.  I’ve changed.


The blog has been lots of fun for me.  It’s been a place to share things that I’m reading and thinking about.  I’ve learned a lot and I’ve met so many people.  With that said, the reality is that the blog takes a lot of time. And unfortunately, there’s really not a good business model in a blog.  So, it’s hard to justify the time that I find myself devoting to the blog.  I need to turn my attention to other work.  (I recently found out that my kids haven’t been saving for college and they’re somehow expecting me to pay.)


I hope to occasionally (a few times each year) send out something I find interesting or an article that you might be interested in.  I may also start an education-type business and will send out information if I do this.  In effect, I’m hoping that we can remain friends with benefits.


Thanks for supporting the blog.


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