A Special Blog

2013 March 12
by SJ Leeds

Today’s blog is a little different – it’s a short personal story and a request that you follow this link to read an entry posted on another site.


Approximately seven weeks ago, the son of one of my really close friends was diagnosed with cancer.  Peyton is 13-years old and has an aggressive form of cancer.  I’m very close with his parents, Jim and Kate.  I visited Peyton last week (in Tulsa).  Fortunately, he’s a strong kid with a strong family.


Jim started studying how little money is spent researching childhood cancer.  Together, we gathered some statistics about childhood cancer and we put them on a website.  Jim’s goal is two-fold: to educate people about this issue and to raise money.


I simply ask that you click on this link and read the stats.  Be sure to scroll down the page to see the stats.  (The website is called “PrayingforPeyton.com.)  It would have been a good blog entry on leedsonfinance.com.  I think you’ll find it interesting.


In addition, I encourage everyone to pray for Peyton, other kids in his situation, their families and all of the people who take care of these kids.


Have a great week and appreciate your health.


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